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pairdisplay showing unknnow devices

Juan M Leon
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pairdisplay showing unknnow devices

Hello all, I hope you can help me with the problem I have.

I have two RX8600 server with HPUX 11v3.
I requested disks from the SAN team and they provided me with the set of BC. The PVOL is on server A and the SVOL i on servr B.
HORCM1 running on server A and HORCM11 running on server B.
everyhing seems to be ok and configured and paired. However when I do pairdisplay the disks are showing unknow for both PVOL and SVOL regardless where you run the pairdisplay.


#-> pairdisplay -fd -g vgRPU_CBKP -fcxd -CLI
Group PairVol L/R Device_File M Seq# LDEV# P/S Status % P-LDEV# M
vgRPU_CBKP vgRPU_CBKP_000 L Unknown 0 28704 637a S-VOL SSUS 96 127f -
vgRPU_CBKP vgRPU_CBKP_000 R Unknown 1 28704 127f P-VOL PSUS 96 637a W
vgRPU_CBKP vgRPU_CBKP_001 L Unknown 0 28704 83c0 S-VOL SSUS 99 3ed5 -
vgRPU_CBKP vgRPU_CBKP_001 R Unknown 1 28704 3ed5 P-VOL PSUS 99 83c0 W

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.

Thank you