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pairevtwait and pair state

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pairevtwait and pair state


I'm worried about pairevtwait command.

I have two partitions on a XP512 that are periodically resynchronized.

When my pair is synchronized (PAIR state), I run pairsplit command and use pairevtwait to wait for SSUS state. But when pairevtwait finishes, pairvolchk and pairdisplay commands show some S-VOL ldevs are in COPY state (P-VOl are always in PSUS state). After a few seconds, those ldevs reach SSUS state...

Is this behaviour right ?

I always trusted in pairevtwait. After pairevtwait asserted pair is in SSUS state, my script starts to activate the volume groups. Now I think vgchange is running at the same time that those S-VOL ldevs are in COPY state. May this be dangerous ? or, perhaps, XP guarantees no write access from 'vgchange' command is done until all interal COPY access are done ?

Re: pairevtwait and pair state

Hi Oscar Sastre,

# pairevtwait -g -t 300 -s pair

Issue some interval time for resync & Wait for PAIR state to come up.


Re: pairevtwait and pair state

Hello Oscar,

Ensure you have system option mode 122 enabled. this is to suppress the quick split functionality.

The normal behaviour is to get the data flushed to the drives, then update the S-VOL before the LDEV is put into SSUS state. With mode 122 enabled, the pairsplit command will get completed when the above process is completed.