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problem new disk raid5

Problem new disk with r
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problem new disk raid5


I have got a HP ML350 G3 with 3 physical disks so a Raid 5 with a logical disk.
But i have one disk died so i replaced this disk by a new one. But the raid 5 doesn't build it. the new disk is not in the raid 5.
It see always the old disk.

My question is if i remove my controler disk array and i put an other, my raid 5 will be lose ? and my data ?

Steven Clementi
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Re: problem new disk raid5


Assuming it is a Smart Array Controller... the Array Configuration gets stored on the disks. This allows you to move disks around to other controllers and still keep your existing arrays/data.

If you replace a smart array controller, you should be just fine.

I think you should try to figure out why the controller is not rebuilding first before replacing it (if you haven't already).

Steven Clementi
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Re: problem new disk raid5

Do you mean after removing the Drive ACU still reports the drive bay have failed?

If it is, then try moving your drives over to a different array (probably a similar server with the same controller).

The Array information is on the RIS of the Hard drives so you will not lose any info, still it is nice to have a backup before you start.

All the Best!