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question on VA7410 array

Dave Chamberlin
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question on VA7410 array


I just a little clarification on using my va7410 array. I have several LUNs currently defined and 4 vgs that are using those (using about 10 disks. I added several (8) disks and the space is shown as unallocated.
Question 1: is the data already in the system being striped over those added disks - ie can I expect an IO performance improvement, even though I have not allocated the disks?
Question 2: If I need more filesystem space, I have to add new LUNs and then extend the existing VGs (or add new ones) and then extend the LVs (or add new ones) in the conventional way? Can someone clarify?
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Re: question on VA7410 array

Hi Dave,

once the disks are inserted into the VA and included, the array will use them.
You can expect an improved performance, because your data is using all available disks, the array can hold the data in a mirror state instead of RAID 5 DP.

If you need more space for your filesystems, just create new LUNs.

Hope this helps!

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