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"breaking" a drive array

Jeff Scheffler
Occasional Contributor

"breaking" a drive array

I need to "break" a RAID 5 drive array that is currently in place, but not being used. I want to be able to address each drive individually. I tried doing the reconfiguration option, but that only seems to have changed the array from RAID 5 to RAID 0
Franco Cenati
Valued Contributor

Re: "breaking" a drive array

Hi Jeff

if you want to use the disks individually but still connected to the NetRAID , first of all you must delete the array.
Once you deleted the array as I explained in the other message, you can create 3 array made by one disk and configure each new array as RAID 0. So you will have a LD per each disk.

Another option is to connect the 3 disk to a standard SCSI controller instead of the NetRAID card.