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"copy pace" option for business copy XP shell script

Occasional Advisor

"copy pace" option for business copy XP shell script

Hi all,
i have an XP24000 storage and i backup some LUN with Business Copy through shell scripts that use raid manager commands.
I wanted to know if there's a way to specify the option "Copy Pace" for the pairresync command from the command line.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Rick vonR

Re: "copy pace" option for business copy XP shell script

You can use the '-c' option for both paircreate and pairresync.
A value of 1 is a slow, less intensive, sync. A value of 15 is very fast but uses more array resources.

For pairresync:
Used to specify the number of tracks (1 to 15) copied in parallel. If omitted, the default is the value used at time of paircreate.

For paircreate:
Specifies the number of tracks that are concurrently copied. The number can range from 1 to 15. If not specified, the default value is 3.

pairresync says that if the -c option is not used it will use the value that was used with the paircreate command. Unfortunately, once a pair is created, I do not know of any way to view what original value was used.