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"device unknown" after power outage

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"device unknown" after power outage


i'm using eva5k. i previously presented a 120G disk to a linux server. after a power outage, (all equipments were reset), the server cannot mount the external disk (sda1). When trying to automatically mount the disk, it says, "device unknown". when i tried to present it to other linux server, then issued fdisk -l, it says "cannot read /dev/sdb" any suggestions on what to do for the linux server to read the VDisk??
Timothy Cusson
Valued Contributor

Re: "device unknown" after power outage

Some things to try...

Log on to the SAN appliance, start Command View, check the status of the EVA, check for yellow cautions or red critical icons. Everything should be status green.

If everything seems OK, drill down to the virtual drive, check the presentation, is it still presented to the right server?

Create a new small virtual disk and present it to the Linux server, does Linux see this drive OK? If, yes, then you all your connectivity and presentation are OK, so this implies your disk got corrupted durint the power failure.