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raid manager / business copy question

Sebastian Schoenwetter_1
Occasional Visitor

raid manager / business copy question


I have two Windows 2003 hosts, one host (A) runs the raid manager daemons and has access to the Comman device and P-VOL luns, the second host (B) only has access to the S-VOL luns.

For multipathing HP Secure Path is also installed.

When I do the following

* boot Host A
* put P-VOL and S-VOL in PAIR state with paircreate
* boot Host B
* copy files to the P-VOLs
* issue a "pairdisplay -x sync"
* issue a "pairsplit"
* verify that both sides are in PSUS and SSUS state

Host B complains that the S-VOL is still read-only, and cannot use it.

I then need to either reboot the machine, or manually disable/re-enable all disks in the Device Manager before I am able to use the S-VOL copy on Host B.

Continued, if I then copy more files on Host A to the P-VOL disks and then

* issue a pairdisplay -x sync
* issue a pairresync
* issue a pairsplit

The new file still do not appear on Host B. I am then facing the same dillema, either reboot or manually disable/re-enable all disks in Device Manager.

Is this expected behavior ? If yes, does anybody have an idea how I can do this from a script ? I thought the Disk Manager "disk rescan" would help, but it is of no use for this matter.

Mike Reznak
Trusted Contributor

Re: raid manager / business copy question


with my experience from OpenVMS host - Before every pairesync I unmount (make them not available to use) all S-VOL volumes and before pairsplit operation I have to unmount also P/VOL volumes to make sure, all data will be consistent.
Without disable/enable all disks, in your case, system drivers probably cannot recognize the state changes.

...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world ;o)