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raid - replacing disks and then going back

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raid - replacing disks and then going back

Hi,  I have a dl380 g6 with a p400.  I currently have 2x 72gb drives mirrored for the OS, and 4x 146gb drives (raid5) for data.  I want to replace them all.  Im wondering, if I replace all the drives, and it doesnt work out as quickly as I need it to, is there any way to revert?  Basically, im going to pull out both OS drives, install a new linux OS on 2 bigger drives, mirrored.  THen  make a new raid5 volume with 4x 500GB drives, and restore the data.   If I dont get it accomplished in my alotted time frame, can I just pop the old drives back in? Thanks!

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: raid - replacing disks and then going back

Hey, the RAID config is stored on the disks. Probably best to shut down before you pull the disks.
Remember in exactly what position/bay you had the disks.