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re Ultra-3 Drives Upgrade

Pierre M. Camilleri
Frequent Advisor

re Ultra-3 Drives Upgrade

Hi Everyone

I have an HP LH4 server with a Hot-Swap Ultra2 internal storage cage housing Ultra2 SCSI drives. The server has an integrated Dual Channel HP NetRaid controller. I wish to replace these drives with low profile Ultra-3 SCSI drives. My question is this. Does the HP NetRaid controller and internal storage cage able to take Ultra-3 drives?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: re Ultra-3 Drives Upgrade


Ultra3 drives are backward compatible with pervious SCSI versions, so it should work.

I haven't done it myself with the configuration you mention, so beware that it may still run at SCSI2 speeds.

Good luck!
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Brian Peters
Frequent Advisor

Re: re Ultra-3 Drives Upgrade

Vincent is correct.
You can use Ultra-3 (160mb/s)drives on Ultra2 (80mb/s)controller and tranfer speed will be at Ultra2.