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Re: reduce virtual volume capacity

Alistair McTurk
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reduce virtual volume capacity

I need to reduce the space allocated to a number of virtual volumes on an EVA 8100. These were vastly overallocated and we now need to get the space back for another project. All the volumes are used to store Exchange databases and logs, and are attached to Windows servers. I think that if the Windows volumes are reduced in size, by using diskpart,then it should be possible to remove the unused portion by reducing the size of the virtual volume.
The option to reduce the capacity is presented in the management interface, but it does warn of data loss. I don't have a test area available, so I can't try anything.
And I don't want to lose the MD's emails.
Has anyone done this successfully?


Víctor Cespón
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Re: reduce virtual volume capacity

That depends on the OS on the server.


page 25

Windows 2008 supports LUN shrinking, Windows 2003 doesn't.

You also need Command View 8.0x at least
Alistair McTurk
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Re: reduce virtual volume capacity

Many thanks for this speedy response.
Good news is that the array is running Commandview 8.
Bad news is that servers are running Windows 2003.

So, back to the drawing board. :(

Many thanks,