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removing LUN 0 on VA7400

Eloísa Martínez A
Occasional Visitor

removing LUN 0 on VA7400

Hi, we have two VA7400. Via Command View, our provider configured LUN 0 = 360 GB, it contains a volume group that we needed to remove in order to free that space. Now we need to reduce this LUN as well.

When trying to remove it, we got a warning that the array may be unavailable if we proceed. So, we checked previous answers from this forum regarding similar situations. We found out that LUN 0 is used by the VA management software and its size should be 10 MB.

Is that correct? How can we reduce this LUN from 360 GB to 10 MB?

I appreciate your help.
Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: removing LUN 0 on VA7400

You might have to delete and recreate it through the serial port. Once it is recreated make sure security allows it to be accessed from the hosts. This might require you to disable LUN security until you can update and reload the security table.

Note: you may first want to try
armcfg -L 0 -a 10
to see if it will resize the LUN but I think this will only allow you create a new one.
Emilio Brusa
Frequent Advisor

Re: removing LUN 0 on VA7400

Hola Eloisa.
Cuanto del Lun 0 esta siendo ocupado?

Tú puedes remover el volumen sin necesidad de borrar el Lun0 solo exporta el volume group...y si el Lun0 debería ser de 10 mb aprox.

Si utilizas armcfg -L 0 -a 10 y tienes más información en ese Lun que supere los 10mb..perderás información.
Hoang Chi Cong_1
Honored Contributor

Re: removing LUN 0 on VA7400

You can refer to this link:

Hope this helps.

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