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replace old HDDs on smart array 5300

Occasional Contributor

replace old HDDs on smart array 5300

I'm replacing old HDDs on smart array 5300 which is configured as RAID 5 from 3*72GB to 3*300GB. Created another parallel array and logical disks for uing GHOST, which was fine when copy HDDs to HDDs. But the new HDDs is not bootable after I removed old HDDs from HD bay. Array card still shows 2 Array (A & B)... what should I do to complete this replacement? Or what correct way I should follow? Thanks.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: replace old HDDs on smart array 5300


Can you confirm the exact process you used please, and on what OS...

Occasional Contributor

Re: replace old HDDs on smart array 5300

Procedures are as follows
1. create Array B according to Array A (RAID 5) configuration by ACU (2 logical disks in Array)
2. boot server by Ghost boot disk, ghost it by Disk to Disk and it's done
3. remove all disks in Array A, keep Array B only, but system alerts Array A is missing, and Array B couldn't boot

I was told it's because the default boot is Array A, so have to delete all Array, build a new one on new HDDs, then use ghost for duplication. This shall work?

What if 3 HDDs in Array A, and will have 4 HDDs to replace them?

Another issue happened later today, a HDD was add into Array A for Array expand, Raid 5 has been built but no logical disk configured yet. Can I delete this new HDD and make the array back to original configuration?