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replacing all disks on a 12H Array

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replacing all disks on a 12H Array

Hello everyone.
I have to upgrade all the disk on a 12H Array from 9GB to 18Gb disk. Does anyone can suggest me the best way to do this ? Should i replace one disk at the time or should i replace all the disks at once ?

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Michael Tully
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Re: replacing all disks on a 12H Array

If there is no data on the old disks worthwhile keeping, then replace the lot and re-do your 12H config from scratch. Even if you have data, I would take two backups and still scrap the existing config and replace the disks and restore the data. The way LVm works, is that you cannot add a LUN to an existing volume group of a larger size than that of the first. There a number of posts available that you can use to re-config the array.
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