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restore from XP1024 business copy

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restore from XP1024 business copy

I need to restore from SVOL to PVOL using HORCM pairresync command.

what's the steps to do this?

The correct command is pairresync -restore?

I need to deactivate the "original" VG? before resync?

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Re: restore from XP1024 business copy


YOu have 2 options here, depends upon how you have SPLIT the BC pairs.

1. If you have SUSPENDED the BC pairs to (pairsplit without -S option) the you can use the following commnad:

pairresync -g -restore

2. If you have SUSPENDED the BC pairs with "pairsplit -S" then you will have to modify the HORCM scripts to reverse the PVOLs and SVOLs such that actual SVOL becomes PVOL. Then simply you will have to create the pair with following command:

paircreate -g -vr

(-vr if you are running the command from the LIVE server side, which is your PVOL right now)
then SPLIT the pairs.

In either case you will have to "vgexport" the volumes before you reverse the sync and once you are done with SPLIT, use "vgimport" & "vgchange -a y" to bring the volumes back in HPUX configuration.

Hope this helps....