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hi all

i have an rs/12 box with 3 9gb h/s hdd(all in the lower cage) in single raid connected to a lc3 thro' netraid 1 si. now when am adding another hdd in the upper cage it is not getting sensed.
but in the while booting after the message "press control-m to enter.."it is saying like "new hdd found configuration updated" but if i am going in to the utility after pressing cntrl+m it is not showing whn i select the "physical drive" option.

but when go in to the read/modify write option of the adapter it shows as "unkwn" when am trying to change it's sttus it says that "this firmwareedoesn't support the current operation"

the hdd is good one.dip switches on the lower and upper cage are set wihtout id conflict
the hdd's acces led is blinks once while the netraid is scanning the all the hdd's.

is it not possible to add one more hdd without clearing the config??(now am planning to clear the config)

pls help
thanks in advance

Occasional Advisor

Re: rs/12

The only thing i can think of is to update the firmware of the drive and rs/12. That would be the first thing HP tells youto do.

Hope this helps

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: rs/12

your config is not clear, you speak about a rs/12 with two level of cages?
the rs/12 have only one level with 12 hdd positions
you have also a lc3 (wich support tree hdd hotswap ) and one netraid 1Si which have only one channel, are you connecting the internal channel and the external channel at the same time?,
the hdd if they are in a unique id scsi, have to be recognised in Ctrl-M under objetcs>phisical drives.
and yes it is possible to add hdd without clearing the config and loosing data.