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rsm question

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rsm question

Hi ;

Eva 5000;
Rsm 3.0
servers SunOS 5.10 connected to eva;

trying to setup a job inside RSM to make a snapshot of some disks devices in the server (OS:Sun_solaris) and present it to another host(OS:Sun_solaris); you can find the output of the filesystem which i want to snapshot :

/dev/dsk/c5t50001FE15002F869d5s3 295G 48G 144G 51% /oracle/data/data10
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F868d3s1 962M 301M 603M 34% /oracle/data/data03
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F868d3s0 962M 311M 594M 35% /oracle/data/data02
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F868d3s5 30G 28G 1.5G 95% /oracle/data/data04
/dev/dsk/c5t50001FE15002F869d4s3 9.8G 6.0G 3.7G 62% /oracle/data/data08
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F868d3s7 57G 48G 8.3G 86% /oracle/data/data07
/dev/dsk/c5t50001FE15002F869d4s4 9.8G 6.0G 3.8G 62% /oracle/data/data09
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F868d3s4 30G 25G 4.4G 86% /oracle/data/data01
/dev/dsk/c5t50001FE15002F86Dd2s0 345G 318G 24G 94% /oracle/data/data05
/dev/dsk/c4t50001FE15002F86Cd1s0 345G 322G 20G 95% /oracle/data/data06
/dev/dsk/c5t50001FE15002F869d6s3 295G 127G 165G 44% /oracle/data/data11

Can you please help me to configure this job ..

melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: rsm question

this has nothing to do with HP-UX!
Moved to more relevant forum
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