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script rom upgrade

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

script rom upgrade

What command should I put in the shell= line on disk 2 of the rompaq to script the flash for this controller?

I think it is something like
shell=a:\rompaqor.exe /l:us /! /f cpq403x.opt .... something

also, are there other files (like rompaq.inf) that need to be modified?

We would really like to do this; the flash process takes forever already, and it would go along with the factory script for updating the flash on the DL380.

David Gibson
Occasional Visitor

Re: script rom upgrade

The syntax is:


f - is for factory mode

My question is:

What is the for the Smart-2/DH Raid controller?

I am trying to force the reflash of a failed ROM upgrade :(