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scsictl on HDS 9580 disks

Lai Nee Shyang_1
Frequent Advisor

scsictl on HDS 9580 disks

Hi there

I've a rp7420 running 3 vpars connected to a HDS 9580. Recently I receive some "bogus" EMS errors regarding device "failed". Upon checking the VG, diskinfo, pvdisplay , the reported device is still working properly.
Further checking on Perf View on the failed device indicates there is a high disk response time during the period the disk "faileD"
HDS engineer recommend I change the SCSI queue depth to 4 using scsictl.

As I'm not sure of what's the problem, i cannot be certain if the scsictl command will help.

Anyone has come across such bogus error and how to check what's wrong with it.



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