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securepath devices names change

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securepath devices names change

Hi All,
I Have an rp7410 running HP-UX 11.11 and securepath ver. 3.0C connected to an EVA5000 Storage via two HBA's and two SAN switches, recently we had power down siutuation and after starting the system all the device files of the Vdisks have changed, I had to export and import all my Volume Groups, the question is what cused this problem and what can I do to prevent it from happining again?
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Re: securepath devices names change

Persistant binding!! Upgrade to secure path 3.0F. check VCS is compatible with 3.0F

3.0D or earlier have this problem. 3.0E or above this is fixed. If you want to continue using the 3.0C there are some special steps to make it persistent across reboots.

spmgr update
kmadmin -L swspData
config -M swspData -u

This will make the changes persistent across the reboots

Please read page 13/14/15 of the attachment.

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Re: securepath devices names change

We had this happen during a power outage, and also after we ignited our server.

I am not so sure about updating the securepath as we are on version 3.0E. I would have some good map files of your volume groups. Make sure that you vgexport -p -v -s -m /dev/vgnn.map vgnn (use the -s switch).