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select extention for disk space

Occasional Contributor

select extention for disk space

We have Blade system C3000
Part Number: 508664-B21
ProLiant BL460c G6 Part Number 595046-001
Storage MSA2312sa (all disks slots are full)
We need extention disk space (not change disks). What we can do? - to buy new storage or  extention module? What  model is compatible with ours devices?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: select extention for disk space



I presume you also have SAS-switch(es) in the c3000 - do you have free ports?


You could add a disk enclosure to the MSA2000 G2. See quickspecs for options: http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13187_na/13187_na.html


You could possibly add a new MSA if you have free SAS-ports.

If you have free interconnect slots you could install connectivity for FC and get a FC array.


But, please bare in mind that expanding existing vdisks / volumes in an MSA takes long time (days or weeks or maybe even months, depending on how large disks and vdisks). 

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Re: select extention for disk space

Hi Johan!
Thanks a lot!
I have free sas-ports in the  c3000 if i don't wrong...
I have 3Gb SAS Switch: AJ865A - 2 ea. (2x4 ports in each)
Ports used - 2x2 in each.
Free ports - 2x2 in each

It is not necessarily that would expand the existing vdisks / volumes. Simply enough to mount addition space.
Can I add a disk enclosure to the MSA2000 G2 to existing system C3000+MSA2312?
Which exactly device i can connect to my system? AP760A is good?
What else do I need to buy to connect it (AP760A)  to my system?
Thank you again!



PS in each of the servers installed 507925-B21 HP Smart Array P700M/256 ISS Cntrlr

PPS  I looked up the description of P700M - it has 4 ports... and i cannot adding new MSA?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: select extention for disk space

If you just want to add a disk enclosure to an existing MSA2000 G2 you do not need to buy AP760A (because this has controllers too).


See under the section "Disk Enclosures" in the quickspecs. There you can get single or dual i/o (use dual if you have two controllers in the MSA2000 G2). 


I'm unsure how the SAS-ports are actually used in the c3000. If you suspect you'll go over the bandwidth limits with the new enclosure it might be good to investigate if it's possible to connect a new MSA..