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server connect to EVA 5000 and 8000

ben horan
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server connect to EVA 5000 and 8000

We have a Windows 2003 server with QLogic HBAs. We need to present one disk each from both our EVA 5000 and EVA 8000 to this server. The EVA firmware is

EVA5000 VCS 3110
EVA8000 XCS 6110

What combination of multipathing software should I be using? The SAN design reference guide says both SecurePath and MPIO basic will work with MPIO FF however the readme on the MPIO basic page says "This software must NOT be used on systems running SecurePath, Autopath or any other multipathing software."?

Also, we will have dual HBAs so is it safer to zone one HBA into one EVA and the other HBA to the second EVA?
Juan B.S.R.
Trusted Contributor

Re: server connect to EVA 5000 and 8000

For EVA5000 you can use Secure Path or MPIO Basic but only one of them.
You can use Secure Path for EVA5000 and MPIO FF for EVA8000, both software must coexist in the same server.
You may create one zone with both hba and the EVA5000 and another zone with both hba and the EVA8000.
I hope this can help you.