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smart array 3200

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smart array 3200

with witch key can i see the bios of smart array 3200 . cause when the server start it dosen't says.
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Re: smart array 3200

There should be an F8 key that shoudl come up on POST ..But if your server is one of those server that requires F8 to get to the BIOS (or RBSU) then make sure you pressed the second F8 because the first one will be for the BIOS

Amha kassa
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Re: smart array 3200

First of all sorry for my english . Look what is exacly my problem.i have a scsi raid controller "compaq smart array 3200".i put
out the drives that are 5 and i didn't know that had to be inside with the same line ,the server is intel sai2.and now i cannot boot to the operation system windows 2003.when the computer start after the raid controller make the test to see the hard drive , says to run array diagnostics utility to solve the problem but i see in hp.com only for windows this program.i thing that i have to configurate again the controller but i cannot get in to bios of controller ,F8 and F9 dosen't make work . did somebody know a way to solve the problem .Thanks
Jack Lemar

Re: smart array 3200

I'm relatively new to Compaqs but I think you would need SmartStart CD. Which version very much depends on model of your server, have a look at:


and links to details about different versions of SmartStart CD is here:


Some utilities as well as SmartStart CD you can download from HP website, just pick up model:


If you looking for older models SmartStart CD choose Windows NT 4.0, Novell NetWare 6.5 or something like that as operating system and follow to Software-CD section where you will find HP SmartStart CD link

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