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smart array 6404 + msa20 + DL380 G4

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smart array 6404 + msa20 + DL380 G4

I'm having a NAS windows storage 2003 server with 2 MSA20 boxes connected to a 6404 controller on channel A1 and A2.
But when I open the acu I see 2 smartarray controlles (this is normal) and 2 msa20 controllers (??).
The 2 smartarray controllers say they don't have any disks attached. And on the msa20 I can create sata array's.
On 1 of the msa20 controller I have a lot more configuration options (cache settings, rebuild priority,...). On the other I can just create array's an logical volume and he gisves a warning about battery low (is this normal).
Another problem I hav is that I can't do an expand of a logical volume or array and I can't create an array over the 2 boxes.

I have put the msa20, SA 6404 into the latest FW + windows driver and acu are also into the latest version (smart start 7.30)

thanks Koen

Re: smart array 6404 + msa20 + DL380 G4

MSA20 has own kinda raid ctrl. SA6404 is only gateway to MSAs. Not any SA6404 features to MSA20. And cannot mix 2 MSAs together, like same array or spares. Sorry. I make same mis conclusion.
Also MSA20 has interesting feature when you make raid groups and volumes. Meaning how large raid groups and volumes you can make. This is scsi protocol/code limit.