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ssu and eva

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ssu and eva

I have had problems with SSSU and authenticating against an EVA . As it turns out the login for the API used when using SSSU is different to the login to the Management Appliance through the web. It is possible to amend the API login details and I have done it but I don't know where! FFR the default login details for the API are administrator / administrator.

Uwe Zessin
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Re: ssu and eva

it is the same username/password that is used by the management agents:

I don't know if you can use the Operator account to change the Administrator's password - have never tried it. Assuming this works the same way as on the standard Windows Proliant severs you can copy the file 'C:\compaq\wbem\CPQHMMD.ACL' from another server provided that you know THIS password.

It should also be possible to edit that file to 'lift' the privilege level of another account so that you can change Administrator's password, but I don't have any details handy, sorry.

Please let us know if and how you managed to get you access back.
Mike Naime
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Re: ssu and eva


There is a different "administrator" password on the applince depending on if you are loggin onto the server, or loggin into the application. The one uses administrator/administrator. The other uses administrator/admin{serial number backwards)

Example: your appliance is called SWMA12K345 (It uses the last part of the serial number for the name as well)
The password for this system would be admin543K21 (note the uppercase K)
VMS SAN mechanic
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Re: ssu and eva

thank you both, will give it a go next week!
Lyndon Handy
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Re: ssu and eva

I have also experienced problems with login authentication with SSSU.
- EVA 5000, VCS 3.010
- OpenView StorageWorks Management Appliance III, with latest updates, and Command View EVA 3.1
- EVA Platform Kit installed on Windows 2000 Server hosts and Windows XP laptop

Issue: Cannot login to the EVA Management Appliance using SSSU.
Tried administrator\administrator or administrator\admin+"last 6 digits of sma serial number in reverse order"

For some reason the platform kit manual indicates the default password = "password". What account is this referring to as the EVA does not have an account with a default password of "password".

Any help clearing this up is greatly appreciated.

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