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strange issue with xp1024

Rahul Mehta_1
Occasional Visitor

strange issue with xp1024

When we run read dd test on xp1024

if we only use one path for the lun 230
we receive real good performance throughput

but if we use two paths ie c4t0d1(cl1j) and )cl2j)c5t8d1 for the same lun in dd test we receive very poor performance , service time in range of 300ms ..

any insight why ? and how hpxp1024 handles cache?
Trusted Contributor

Re: strange issue with xp1024

Hi Rahul

This is nothing to do with the XP CHIP PORT.First how many ldevs are alloacated thro this CHIP port.Then How many hops you have in between the host and the XP.

Most of the time I have seen the performance problem is on the SAN side or the HBA of the host.