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superdome 2 Diskarry



i have superdome 2 with 2 npar and 6 vpars (3 vpar on each npar), When I went to datacenter i see one disk failed (the color is orange) on diskarray (i have 2 disk array P2000 G3), how i can check this from unix side or from disk arry. because the datacenter it's very far and i don't go to them only when needed.


please your advice, Thanks


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Re: superdome 2 Diskarry

Is the management LAN interface of the P2000 G3 connected? If not, you should connect it to a suitable network that can be accessed by authorized people only (at least a firewall between it and Internet access). You may need to have a Windows or Linux system (e.g. your laptop) connected to the CLI interface of the P2000 to set up the IP address parameters of the P2000, but when the configuration is completed, you should be able to check and configure the P2000 over the network using its web GUI.


You could even configure the P2000 to send emails or SNMP trap messages when it detects a disk failure or other problem. If you have OpenView or similar monitoring system in use, you could configure it to monitor the P2000 and create appropriate alerts when required (messages on operations room monitor screens, emails, SMS or pager messages, etc.)


Alternatively, if there is a Windows or Linux server that you can access located physically near the P2000, you could connect the CLI cable from the P2000 to that server, then remotely access that server to use the CLI connection to the P2000. This would allow you to access the P2000 remotely without directly exposing it to network traffic.