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the logical drive is queued for rebuilding

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the logical drive is queued for rebuilding



I need help with our Array we had bad sectors on one of our drives so I bought a new one and replaced it I have not rebooted the server after doing so I can't have the server down for too long and I have to do it late on like Friday nights... Anyways I keep getting this "the logical drive is queued for rebuilding" error when I look at the Array Configuration Utility. I get this code



(Ready for Recovery) Logical Drive 1 (1.8 TB, RAID 5) is queued for rebuilding.


 how do I make it so it right to the drive do I do this when I reboot and what do I need to do when I reboot?


Thank you,



P.S.. I attached the report. Below


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Re: the logical drive is queued for rebuilding

Can anyone tell me what I need to do? :\

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Re: the logical drive is queued for rebuilding



If I read the ADU correctly. You have replaced the drive 1I:1:4 and rebuild was aborted due to read errors on disk 1I:1:2.


Please back up your data. Please update the FW of the drives and check, if the rebuild will start. If not, you will need to replaced the 1I:1:2 drive also and to recreate the raid.


You had a very bad luck and got a multiple drive failure within the same array.







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