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two servers, one ext. array?

damian pinder
Occasional Visitor

two servers, one ext. array?

I know this sounds stupid now, but it's been a while since I had to play with ext Scsi arrays.

i have two ML370 G2's with a 3200 in each which is connected to a Raid 1 mirror in each server. I now need to connect one single External array (Storage array UE) with 12 18.2Gb hdd's in it. The problem Is this, I need to connect BOTH servers to the same volume. Now, I *think* we used to be able to do this in the old days with 2DH controllers and Compaq "Raid Clustering" utilities but that was a long time ago and my memory is not what it used to be. I've tried reading thro' the website and forums but not much is forthcoming.

Can anybody shed any light on this one?

If this all makes no sense whatsoever, you have my humblest apologies...:)
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: two servers, one ext. array?


sorry, but no can do.
The Storage System UE is not designed for shared access, and neither are the Smart Array 3200 controllers. There used to be an old Storage System RSO (Recovery Server Option), where you could attach 2 servers, but only one was ever active, and no clustering was involved.
You could try the MSA500 - that supports SCSI clustering. But it won't take the older beige disks, and you need newer Smart Controllers, too (SA-642)

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: two servers, one ext. array?

And even on an MSA500 or any other SCSI/FC based storage array, please remember that many operating do not provide support for concurrent access to a single file system. In that case you do need additional software, often from thirdparties.