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unable to see cluster file share in network

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unable to see cluster file share in network

The computer name of my two cluster nodes are NodeA and NodeB. The Cluster Name is Call Cluster1. In the cluster administator, i created a new group named Group1. Within this Group1, i created resouces ip, network name, NETraid 4M diskset and file share.

In the network, i can only see this file share
in the node who is holding these resource

example when nodeA is the owner, then i can only see
\\nodeA\share file instead of


why is that so ?
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Re: unable to see cluster file share in network

This is becuase the file share is not working at the cluster and you can see only the shares on sigle servers when it is the owner of the share.
To correct this problem make sure that:
1- You create a group ,you add the disk resource to that group.
2-Create and IP Network then a network name (MAKE SURE IT IS UNIQUE AND LESS THAT 15 LETTERS)
3-then create the file share ,make sure that the goup can fail over and all it's resources are online.
At the end you should be able to see the share (Network name) through browsing or
\\cluster name\share name
Best of luck