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ungrouped disk shown by storage management appliance

rahul kumar singh
Occasional Contributor

ungrouped disk shown by storage management appliance

i have a EVA 3000 storage and a storage management appliance in SAN environment. it is accessed by two HP rp3440 servers. i have made one disk group of 40 disks by command view EVA of storage management appliance. but now it is showing disk group of 39 disks only. the 40th disk is shown as ungrouped disk. when i am trying to group this disk into the same disk group then a warning comes as the data on the disk will be lost.
what may be the problem, can anyone help me?
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: ungrouped disk shown by storage management appliance

It sounds like the disk failed at some point. Are there any entries in the event log which indicate why the disk fell out of the group?

Does the current 39 disk group have a "green" status and show no levelling activity going on. Assuming you have no VRAID0 virtual disks defined your data should be intact and you won't care about any data that may have resided on the ungrouped disk - there's no easy way to get to it in any case. You should, however, make sure it's not failed somehow before adding it back into the group. Once you're sure of that putting it back into the group should have no more impact than a re-levelling operation.