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upgrade EVA5000

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upgrade EVA5000

Hi friends

Please help me, I have a EVA5000 2C6D (loop switch) and want to add 2 enclousure more 2C8D.
Can you help with a procedure???? and this procedure it's online????


Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade EVA5000

The disk drive enclosure should come with the necessary documentation on how to add it. Please spend some time to read and understand it - do not attempt to "just plug it in".

It can be done online, but, honestly: you should let somebody with experience do the job, because you can cause problems if this is done improperly.
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade EVA5000

Hi Guido,

In attachment you find the pdf.

Also downloadable from

Re: upgrade EVA5000

Yes you can do this live, although low I/O is a good idea, follow my steps as below:

1> power up both enclosures with 1 (one) disk inserted
2> Let the enclosure settle and plug in the address bus cables
3> connect one FC cable to a disk enclosure
4> wait
5> wait some more
6> cry as Command view puts all your disks and disk enclosures into unmappable hardware
7> Sigh of relief as Command View recovers all your disks and enclosures after two minutes
8> Check that the loop you just added to is up and running
9> Check the EVA can see your new enclosure and disk.
10> plug in the other loop for the newly added enclosure, (and repeat steps 4-9)

11> Check EVA is ok
12> do the same for your second disk enclosure

I don't know why command view puts everything into unmappable, I 've done this many times now, and its still very scary!


When adding additional disks (I assume you have bought some to add in, always give two minutes between disk insertions, other wise Command View will duplicate disk names.


Re: upgrade EVA5000

Hi Richard ,

What was you VCS version ?
CV EVA Version ?

let me know .


Re: upgrade EVA5000

It's great, i resolve the problem