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upgrade driver NetRaid for NT 4.0

Occasional Contributor

upgrade driver NetRaid for NT 4.0

i will upgrade my mraidnt.sys. In control panel (SCSI Adapter), i have not access to upgrage my raid cart.
The current version is 2.22 and i have the version 2.24.

Hoe can i do that ?

Thank for you answer.

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Re: upgrade driver NetRaid for NT 4.0

use add adapter to do this.
I have the same problem with our LH3 Server.
I updated the driver for the netraid and also
the firmware. But i have still the problem.
I you have a solution, please let me know.
regards Lars
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: upgrade driver NetRaid for NT 4.0

For Lars:
I would get my downloads from the LH3 download web page:

For Jose:
I don't know which Raid model you have. Try finding it at http://www.hp.com/cposupport/nonjsnav/hpdiskandd19156.html
Otherwise, if you have Integrated Raid, go to the appropriate server download page.

For both:
If you haven't done so, I would think you'd need the latest Utility software as well as Firmware, Driver, and perhaps BIOS.
Make a great day!

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Re: upgrade driver NetRaid for NT 4.0

Insert NT cd and boot your server from it ,at NT inspecting H/W configuration ,press F6 then choose other then have disk and insert the floppy with the new driver ,then complete as you are recovering and NT and de-select any option for files to recover.
Remember to have full backup before starting this procedures
Good Luck