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va 7100

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va 7100

dear friends,

we are using 2 node cluster (rp 7400 with HP-UX 11i, 9iAS, Oracle 9i also) with va7100 array.

we have root mail which reads as follows:--

From Wed Jan 4 01:00:13 IST 2006
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 01:00:12 +0530 (IST)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: cron
Content-Length: 1190
Status: RO

Gathering VA logs...
There are no severity 4 events.
There are no severity 3 events.
Sending email and console messages...
severity 2 VA logs for va7100 taken on 01030000

Device Name = HP StorageWorks Virtual Array 7100
Date = January 3, 2006
Time = 5:14:55 PM IST
Controller Time Stamp = 19465760257593
Event Number = 126125
Sequence Number = 1
Event Type = Controller Event
Event Code = 385
Severity = 2
Event Count = 1
FRU Location = M
FRU Data = enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent :
Reporting Controller = M/C1
Event Source Info = serialNum/moduleId/processId :
Event Description = I2C_DRIVER_FAILURE This error indicates that an
attempt to communicate with a two-wire serial device has failed,
possibly after multiple retries.
Event Unique Info = none
Cron: The previous message is the standard output
and standard error of one of your crontab commands:

/opt/sanmgr/chkVAlogs va7100

Please can anybody tell what is the failure

thanx in adv.
happy new year
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Re: va 7100


As indicated in the log event page, the event code is 385 which signifies the event description given.

There is a I2C bus inside the array which has various sensors to monitor the status of the array components like tempreture sensor etc. One of the such devices is not appreantly working thus not coommunicating over the I2C bus. This error is being reported by the controller M/C1 firmware.

Refer the following array controller log document at

As mentioned in the above document, the suspected components are Controller, power supply, battery, midplane.

I would check the all FRUs status with special eye on FRU indicated in the log event page (FRU Location = M
FRU Data = enclosureId/slot/component/subcomponent :
0x00/0xff/0xff/0xff )
1. CommandView SDM array/component status
2. Using armdsp -a /armdsp -f commands
3. Using vfpdsp/vfpdsp -f commands.

This would help to identify the FRU.
Arend Lensen
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Re: va 7100


These kind of events are NO problem when you see these once or twice a day. Please disregard them. The following events may also be logged intermittently:

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Re: va 7100

Hi Wish,
The above mentioned error doesn't require any action - this is a normal if it is appearing once or twice per day.
We are having 1 VA boxes, which is used to reports the same.

You may check the status with

#armdsp -s
#armdsp -a
#armlog -e -t

( here is the starting date )

For getting detailed diagnose output you can use following

# armdiag -I -if /tmp/armdiag_date

Try to do when there is not that much load.

The all above commands to be used on the server, where commandview is installed.


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