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va7100 WARNING

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va7100 WARNING


Before a 73g disk fail, my va7100 has elvent 36g disks, three 73g disks and the system has no warnings or errors. After replacing the failed 73g disk and wait for 2 days for its to balance or rebuild, It still has a lot of warning. The VA is still up and running, and I still have a good backup. I also attach the whole armdsp log. Can someone give me a solution?

PS. The reason I have 73gs disk is I want to replace all the 36g disk with 73g gradually as those 36g fails.

The following disk is reported MISSING by the controller:
Vendor ID:____________________________HP 73.4G
Product ID:___________________________ST373307FC
Data Capacity:________________________66.757 GB (140000001 blocks)
Block Length:_________________________520 bytes
Serial Number:________________________3HZ1AG3Z
Volume Set Serial Number:_____________0000483600000006
Node WWN:_____________________________2000000c5025e11a



The array is BALANCING.


WARNING: One or more member drives are missing.

WARNING: A rebuild operation failed.

WARNING: Some data in the device lacks redundancy, and is exposed to becoming unavailable if further drive removals or failures occur.
Patrick Wallek
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Re: va7100 WARNING

It appears you may still have a bad disk, or after you replaced the disk it was not automatically "included" into the array.

**ATTACH** the entire output of the 'armdsp -a' command for this array. That may help the diagnosis of this problem.
Disk Array_1
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Re: va7100 WARNING

Perform partial reset (if you can, "armmgr -R partial"), and see if rebuild will still fail. If it will, start it manually ("armrbld -r"), gather logs ("armlog -e") and attach.