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va7400 with some HDD's amber LEDs flashing

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va7400 with some HDD's amber LEDs flashing

Is anyone encountered such a situation:
enclosure's amber LED is on and 4,5,6,8-th HDD's amber LEDs are flasing. All LUNs are accessible. "armdsp -a" shows all FRUs as good and ready and backend loops are up, but at the end it says:

WARNING: The configuration of the subsystem is such that one or more drives has only a single path of access to it.
WARNING: A rebuild operation failed.
WARNING: Some data in the device lacks redundancy, and is exposed to becoming unavailable if further drive removals or failures occur.

What's wrong? Why a rebuild was initiated if all FRUs are OK? Controller FW is HP19, latest HDD FW.

Arend Lensen
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Re: va7400 with some HDD's amber LEDs flashing


This looks like a serious issue, one or more drives can only see one controller.
You should better logs a call at the HP response center. Try to run the armdiag -W and the armdsp -t command. It can help you to determine which disks or controllers have access to a single path. Also run the armdsp -a and see if a device like a disk or a LCC is missing in the output.