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I have two VA7400. Currenlty one of my server vg that reside in the VA7400 is running out of free PE. I need some free PE in order to increasee one of the logical volume size.

How could I do this with the va7400. I know that I won't be able to increase the existing LUN size. I can either create a bigger LUN and restored the data to the new LUN or create a new LUN and use vgextend to extend my vg.

How could I see the mapping of the VA LUN with the OS VG? I mean how could I know which LUN is allocated to which VG.
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: va7400

Use vgdisplay to show what's in the vg. Then run ioscan to correlate the /dev/rdsk/* devices shown in the vgdisplay output with your physical devices (LUNs on the VA7400).

To extend the volume group, you can create a new LUN on the VA7400 and mirror the vg onto it with mirror/UX. Or you could simply add a new LUN into the existing vg to add space to the vg. Us vgextend for this.

Good luck!
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