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va7410 - Error: Lock was not available. Please retry.

Don Mallory
Trusted Contributor

va7410 - Error: Lock was not available. Please retry.

Hi there,

Just reconfiguring an old VA7410, and after creating a few LUNs, CommandView comes back with " Error: Lock was not available. Please retry." for any commands.

I'm guessing that there's a lock file somewhere. Restarting the host agent, the array or the CommandView host doesn't make a difference.

Does anyone know a quick fix for this?

Don Mallory
Trusted Contributor

Re: va7410 - Error: Lock was not available. Please retry.

Found it, right in the man page.

armmgr -b Select arrayname.

-b {CreateLun|FwDownload|Security|Select|PassThru|HostPort}
Break the specified advisory lock. An application
sets these locks to perform a certain task and
then sometimes does not release them because of
some erroneous condition.