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Re: vdisk h/w path is not detected

Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: vdisk h/w path is not detected

Hi SS,

As mentioned by >>Torsten<< most likly the issue may from the "Host side" that is server side.

from server :- can you also confirm same..??

#ioscan -fn
#insf -e
#ioscan -fnC disk
# evainfo -> output
# autopath display ->

always take note "please remove " Dead path (ie.) NO_HW I remember I posted in one of your earlier thread.

Last Resort I would reboot the server "if still cannot see disk" i suspect it could be I/O sub system busy. due to multiple "ioscan"

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Re: vdisk h/w path is not detected


Today i have deleted the older vdisk and re-created with new vdisk. I have checked at host level and it is detecting with CLAIMED status now.

As you said that may be I/O sub system was busy previously. May i know how can we check that? If suppose this issue happens later then we should have to wait like this or any possibility for troubleshooting rightway?

Thank you in advance.