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vgchange and vgchgid


vgchange and vgchgid

Let me ask you

1) Can i activate a vg which is already a part of a cluster and activated in one of the node ;in another system wich is not in cluster
(different system not in cluster but system can access the disks in the specified vg). ?
I know that this is not recommendable but just for information.

2)Suppose i a making a BC-copy whose P-vols are the part of a cluster splitting the pair and mounting the S-vols on a system which is not in cluster;Is it mandatory to do vgchgid and vgchange -c n before doing vgchange -a y?.
Only S-vol disks are accessible for this system.(seperate host groups- P-Vols are not visible to this system).

Thanks in advance

Bill Costigan
Honored Contributor

Re: vgchange and vgchgid

You should not have to do the vgchgid because there will not be another VG with that ID on the non-clustered server. However, I think you'll get an error if you try to activate a VG with the cluster flag on if MC/SG isn't running on the node.

So, my guess is you will need vgchange -c n and then the vgchange -a y. You could try it without the -c n. I wont hurt anything you'll just get an error message.