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view BC configuration

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view BC configuration

Hello all,

I have a SuperDome Ia64 with a XP1024 throuth Brocade switch in fabric mode. The configuration already exist and all is OK, there ares 3To attache to a partition of the SD, with 2 BC running.
I'm new in SAN and i have to see the state of BC.

I want to use pairdisplay command, but there are visibly no HORCM instance run.

When i run pairdisplay, i have this :
"EX_ATTHOR can't be attached to horcm manager"

so i want to start an HORCM instance with /HORCM/usr/bin/horcmstart.sh but it's no correct with the same maeesage.

The sysstem is ok, and i know that the precedant admin already use pair commands.

Could you tell me how to launch pair commands ?

Where are set horcm env variables (HORCMINST HORCM_CONF etc ...)

how to launcj horc instances.

I have only /etc/horcm.conf and not horcm[instant_num].conf file, do i create it and how ?

Tahnks a lot for your help


Abdul Jaffar
Occasional Advisor

Re: view BC configuration

Hi Francois

Basically u need to export the parameters .

export HORCMINST=0

prior to that i would like to tell something ,Horcm.conf is a default file ,At the time of configuring horcm if different files are used then check in hosts /etc/horxx.conf for horcminstance number.

horcminst.sh will be in bin bin directory where raid manager library is installed.

Error message indicates horcm instance is not set.

Tell me is it already configured machine or new setup.

Let me know if u need more inputs .

Live to Learn

Re: view BC configuration

Thank a lot for your reply Jaffar.

That's a alreday configure palteform, and hpux see correctly xp1024's disk. I've just take the system after an other admin.

It's just that i don't manage to use pair command.

I have only horcm.conf file, i have "horcm2.conf.OLD_NOT_USED" and horcm3.conf.OLD_NOT_USED".

where HORCM env must be set, root's .profile ?

The questions i ask myself is :
- must i have a specific conf file for each horcm instance ?
- if no, /etc/horcm.conf is it suffisent ?
- if yes, can i break something in bad configuration of horms instance conf files ?

if horms instance conf files has been renamed as ".OLD_NOT_USED" i'm telling to myself that is for a good reason ... but wich ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: view BC configuration

Francois -
There are other pieces to the puzzle.
1. Horcm Manager should be running. i.e. the horcm instance on the Command View Master machine.
2. As per #1, insure the horcm instance is running on the client machine.
3. Yes there has to be a corresponding horcmX.conf file. (X=instance number)
4. Yes more than one horcm instance can be running.

That said, check the horcmstart.sh X on both machines. (X=instance number)
Then as a priviledged user issue the export HORCMINST=X. (X=instance number)

I did see occasions where a horcmstop.sh had to be issued followed by a start.

Hang in there.

Best of luck.


"I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information."

Re: view BC configuration

hello Dave,

thanks for your answer, effectively, i have to find horcmX.conf

and finally, i found it ... on an other host.

In fact, bc are used for backup and horcm instances are only configured on backup host which use the bc.

then, i could start horcm instance and could seen bc configuration and status.

Thanks a lot for your help