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vmunix: vx_ilisterr,vx_ivalidate error

John Jayaseelan
Super Advisor

vmunix: vx_ilisterr,vx_ivalidate error

Leo Simon
Valued Contributor

Re: vmunix: vx_ilisterr,vx_ivalidate error

Hi John

During inode validation, a discrepancy was found between the inode
version number and the fileset version number. The inode may be marked
bad, or the fileset version number may be changed, depending on the
ratio of the mismatched version numbers. VX_FULLFSCK flag is set. If
the VX_FULLFSCK flag can't be set, the file system is disabled.

Check the console log for I/O errors. If the problem is a disk failure,
replace the disk. If the problem is not related to an I/O failure, find
out how the disk became corrupted. If no user or process is writing to
the device, report the problem to your customer support organization.
In either case, unmount the file system and use fsck to run a full
structural check.

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