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what's wrong with our system

Regular Advisor

what's wrong with our system

there are two hp9000 D270 systems
and DiskArray is "HA Disk Array Mod 20 SP620"
after we reboot one of the systems
it can't find the DiskArray
and the other System
we ioscan -fnCdisk

disk 2 8/4.5.0 sdisk NO_HW DEVICE DGC C2300WDR5
/dev/dsk/c0t5d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t5d0

but the lights of the Model 20 are normal!
what's wrong with our model 20 DiskArray!
Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: what's wrong with our system

Was anything changed while the system was down? Make sure all the cables are seated, and the I/O cards as well.

Check the logs of the Mod 20 by attaching a null modem cable or serial terminal to the terminal connector. The settings should be 9600/N/1 VT100 mode.

post the logs since the reboot here.

also, was the Mod 20 reset at the same time as the server? if so, you may need to reboot the D370 to make the disks show up. the Mod 20 sometimes takes longer than the server to boot up.

What are the chances...