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which va do I have?

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Mark Henry_1
Frequent Advisor

which va do I have?

Hi All,

How do I determine what model VA I have of an existing installed array?

Also, how to locate a valid so I can start administering it?



Enes Dizdarevic
Honored Contributor

Re: which va do I have?

If you do not have small label on the front side of the array which display model you can find out model by looking at the back side of the array. Each VA7100 controller has only one SC fibre port (for connecting host or hub/switch). Each VA7400 controller has two fibre ports, one SC (for connecting host or hub/switch) and one LC fibre port for connecting aditionall disk units (DS2400).
To start administration connect terminal or PC with terminal emutation program to RS232 port of any controller (comm parameters 9600,8,1,none) to access Virtual Front Panel. On VPF prompt you can type commands. All commands start with vfp. vpfhelp is a good start. After you have configured communication parameters (port behavior, data rate, fibre topology, loop id) you can install commandview software on attached host and start using it.
You can find VA manuals on http://www.hp.com/cposupport/manindex/hpsurestor43759_eng_man.html and commandview manual on http://www.hp.com/cposupport/manindex/hpsurestor30591_eng_man.html