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who owns w/c LUN

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f. halili
Trusted Contributor

who owns w/c LUN

I ran armdsp -a and got a list ans status of the LUNS. I am working on a VA 7410.

How would I know which LUNs went to (1) Which server? (2) Which file system ? I'm trying to document our setup.

f. halili
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: who owns w/c LUN

Hi ,

in order to know the relation between which hosts can access which LUNs you would need to read the LUN security table from the array and somehow manually figure out which WWN is from which server/HBA.

- to read the LUN security table run this command on the station that has CommandView installed (CVSDM).

armsecure -r -f 'file1.txt' -p 'password' 'array-id'

This way that 'file1.txt' will contain a list like the one below i.e. :

NODEWWN 10000000c9363f03 7 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c9363f03 8 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c9363f03 9 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b6718 30 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b6718 31 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b6718 32 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b6718 33 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b6718 34 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b69dc 30 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b69dc 31 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b69dc 32 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b69dc 33 WC
NODEWWN 10000000c93b69dc 34 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000158f9 1 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000158f9 2 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000158f9 3 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000017ee0 4 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000017ee0 11 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000017ee0 20 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000017ee0 21 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000017ee0 22 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000208f7 1 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000208f7 2 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00000208f7 3 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000020a48 4 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000020a48 11 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000020a48 20 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000020a48 21 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000020a48 22 WC
NODEWWN 50060b0000100f92 10 WC
NODEWWN 50060b00001047b8 10 WC

Up to you then here to check what HBA in which server has this WWN, this should be part of your SAN documentation really, if not then hopefully you have the switch ports documented and with switchshow (in case of Brocade) you can then link the WWN in the VA security table with the switch ports and work further from their to get the whole puzzle documented.

The filesystem type will have to be determined once you know which LUN is on which host and look at it via the host.


Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

Re: who owns w/c LUN

VA7410 does not support "present" feature. so all connected host can see all available LUN on VA (If zoning on switches is allow). Have you install SecurePath on host?. pls take following command on each host.
#ioscan -fnC disk
#strings /etc/lvmtab
base on those information We can say to you what host LUN is belong to?
You cat see and gues your self.
HP is simple
kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: who owns w/c LUN


the VA7xxx arrays do have a build in feature called "LUN security" which is available for free by default but with a limited capacity. If you need to "secure" more LUNs (more capacity then the default) you have to install a license key of i.e. 500 GByte to 1 TByte.

So the VA7xxx is perfectly capable to selectively "present" LUNs if you want to use that terminology, however the term normally used in VA7xxx land is "LUN security".

SecurePath is not relevant here and only needed if their are multiple paths from the same hosts going to the VA7xxx array.