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why the lamp keep flashing?

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why the lamp keep flashing?

I upgrade the firmware of va7100 from hp11 to hp13, then shutdown the L2000, power off va7100, and power on va7100, start the L2000, then I find the lamp of 6 disks is flashing, never stop, and I find the oracle's performance is fast drop down, but the armlog show there is no error about the disk array.

why the lamp keep flashing? what is the va7100 doing? and how I can let it stop?

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Re: why the lamp keep flashing?

I May not be able to answer your question but wanted to share the experience.

I have seen similar things happening in case HPdisk array 20 where RAID level 5 was set.
When ever there is a disk change or firmware update Diskarray used to synchronize the data.During that synchronization period all the LEDs in the disks used to blink.

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Re: why the lamp keep flashing?

It's hard to say from here, but my guess is that the VA is balancing or scrubbing the data. If so this is normal.

You can check what it's doing with CommandView. One of the status pages (I forget which) will show "balancing" or "scrubbing" when the unit does this.

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