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windows 2k3 with 2 MSA20 and 1 MSA30

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windows 2k3 with 2 MSA20 and 1 MSA30

guys, I have this customer with 1 6404, Port A1, A2, connected to MSA30 (10x300gb) while Port B1, connected to 1 MSA20 (12x250) and Port B2, connected to MSA20 (12x250). Servers is DL385G2, wind2k3 SP2. server suddenly locked up and per log, its the MSA30's logical drive that seemed disconnected or "not properly connected" status code 7 as seen by the OS. but after a few mins, those logical drives came back as Failed (status 1) then online status 0.
No other errors found in ADU report. Eventlog shows the usual ..." \Device\CPQCISSE0, in slot 5.x.7.1"...
All FW of the MSA20, MSA30, 6402 are current. connections are all direct attached the 6404.
Ive read about the MSA20 stability with FW issues as well.

Any ideas please?
Sivakumar MJ._1
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Re: windows 2k3 with 2 MSA20 and 1 MSA30

Hi Nibble,

Check the relevent forum


For HP Online Case Logging-->http://support.openview.hp.com/