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xp256 qla2200f linux

Mark Huff II
Frequent Advisor

xp256 qla2200f linux

I am unable to see any disks, I am only able to see the processor under dmesg, any idea why I can not see the disks allocated to this port?

Host mode is set to 0x0C which is shown in a few pdf's... is this the correct setting for linux?

dmesg: qla2x00_set_info starts at address = f88c9060
qla2x00: Found VID=1077 DID=2200 SSVID=1077 SSDID=2
scsi(3): Found a QLA2200 @ bus 1, device 0x4, irq 25, iobase 0xdc00
scsi(3): Allocated 4096 SRB(s).
scsi(3): Configure NVRAM parameters...
scsi(3): 32 Bit PCI Addressing Enabled.
scsi(3): Verifying loaded RISC code...
scsi(3): Verifying chip...
scsi(3): LIP reset occurred.
scsi(3): Waiting for LIP to complete...
scsi(3): LIP occurred.
scsi(3): LOOP UP detected.
scsi(3): Topology - (Loop), Host Loop address 0x4d
scsi3 : QLogic QLA2200 PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter: bus 1 device 4 irq 25
Firmware version: 2.02.03, Driver version 6.04.00
Vendor: HP Model: DISK-SUBSYSTEM Rev: 5249
Type: Processor ANSI SCSI revision: 02
scsi(3:0:0:0): Enabled tagged queuing, queue depth 16.
Attached scsi generic sg4 at scsi3, channel 0, id 0, lun 0, type 3
He who fails to plan, plans to fail.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: xp256 qla2200f linux

Check topology setting. Currently card is configured in LOOP mode.
If you have XP connected directly or through a hub then XP should be configured in loop also, if there're switches then I guess XP is configured in fabric and your QLA card should be configured in fabric also.
Please used QLA bios or config utilities to change this value.
Hope it will help
Mark Huff II
Frequent Advisor

Re: xp256 qla2200f linux

Here is the tail dump of /proc/scsi/qla2200/2

SCSI Device Information:

SCSI LUN Information:
( 0: 0): Total reqs 1, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0*, 0:0:00,
( 0:112): Total reqs 0, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0*, 0:0:00,
( 0:113): Total reqs 0, Pending reqs 0, flags 0x0*, 0:0:00,

This shows to drives 0:112 and 0:113...
WHere are these mapped to under /dev/?????
He who fails to plan, plans to fail.
Brian King

Re: xp256 qla2200f linux


A couple of configuration issues that need to be reviewed:

- Loop vs. Fabric: all components must be the same (host, switch, array).

- Host Mode: are you sure that you want the host mode set to 0C? I think that you might want to try 00.

- SecureManager: you didn't mention it, but do you have SecureManager implemented? If so, are the proper WWN's defined and associated with the LUNs that you are expecting to see on your Linux host?

Also, what does ioscan look like?