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Sidney T Van Assche
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SCA-2 Drives

I have a LHII server with 2 gig hard drives. I would like to upgrade them to a larger drive. Would an IBM SCA-2 drive such as a DGHS drive work with my server? How would I go about setting the jumpers?

Re: SCA-2 Drives

To be exact the drive connector should be a SCA-23. The SCSI ID of the disk depends of the drive cage slot. I wouldn't go beyond 18GB capacity as these were the largest capacity disks supported in these servers.

Hope this helps you further

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Joerg Biegansky
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Re: SCA-2 Drives

I just tried to use an IBM Hot Swap Hard (18GB and 10K manufactrured by Fujitsu) drive which is SCA conform but wasn't recognized by the server.
Asking the HP support no one could tell me which 3rd-party hard drive will work and no one could tell me which will be suitable to work in a D3349B tray.
In the description of this part you can read "(for selected non-HP drives only, refer to HP electronic services for supported drives)".
So it looks like you can just trie and hope it will work.
So if you got one please mail to me I will do the same.
Brian Peters
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Re: SCA-2 Drives

you can use a ULTRA2, LVD, SCA-23A hdd on the LHII. But...you will need to force the drive to signal ended mode. A LVD drive (such as you have) can work LVD or SE. A LVD drive will not work to well with SE drives on the same SCSI chain. Thus you will need to set a jumper to "Force SE Mode".

The tough part could be finding the right pins to jumper and finding a small enough jumper.

I do this by finding the model number on the label (ex.DDYS-T18350) and go the manufacture's website (in the case IBM) and search for documentation on the jumper settings.

Hopefully this is helpful.
sca 2 hard
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Re: SCA-2 Drives

any advice
I have a hitachi ultrastar
fibre channel 4 hard drive wth a sca 2 connecter
I have a qlogic 2460 fibre chanel 4 hba
plus its multimode optical cable lc to lc
can anyone help
how do I connect these in a desktop
do I need a second lc to sc cable
i need a sca adapter / test card but where do I find one ?
and how