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Outlook 2010 Error Message

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Outlook 2010 Error Message

Dear Group:


I have a client -using Trim, WIndow 7- who recently started getting the following message after sending an e-mail in Outlook 2010 "the record type field cannot be left blank."  Does anyone know what this message is about?


On my company's e-mail, we applied a rule in Outlook that all e-mails get sent to folder that is linked to Trim.


Many Thanks,


Frequent Advisor

Re: Outlook 2010 Error Message

Hi Mike,


There was a similar error message on one of the ealier posts. The issue seems to be that the user did not have the access to create records using the record type used. In your outlook linked folder there is a record type specified. Check whether the user has access to create record using that record type. If not, change the can use access control settings on the record type. 


Damitha Bogahawatta
Principal Consultant
Talent Consulting Services